We want to ensure that all our customers get the best experience/bath possible, so if you plan arriving later in the day, please call us with the size and number of dogs so we can assess whether you will have enough time to have an awesome outcome! We wouldn't want anyone to take a sopping wet dog home!

Join Our Unlimited Wash Club

Professional grooming can get expensive when regular upkeep is hard to do yourself at home, not to mention all the other ailments and expenses that can arise from the inability to properly maintain your dog at home, but not all of us have the necessities that it takes to give our dogs a proper bath or even know where to start at times. Here, at the Salty Paw we are committed to providing you with the best dog wash experience and our Unlimited Wash Club makes our membership even more desirable!

  • It saves you money; If you wash your dog more than once, your already saving money, but the added incentives of receiving discounts on Salty Paw Retail, Salty Paw A La Cart and Kat's Dogs grooming services saves you even more!
  • It save you time; I could paint the picture of the very real struggle; finding the dog shampoos, the brushes, the towels, wrestling in the tub or the aftermath but I don't want to give anyone PTSD. Just stroll on in with your salty pawed pup and receive pre-made shampoos, an apron, the use of a ramp into an ergonomic tub, clean dry towels, ear cleaner, cotton swabs, brushes/combs, ear hoodies, a state of the art blow-dryer, expert bathing advice and NONE of the clean up!
  • It's convenient; If the statement above wasn't enough convenience, find comfort in the ease of auto-renewing and not having to worry about contracts or commitments. The Salty Paw's Unlimited wash is a subscription that you can cancel any time. 

Join the club, get the perks, spoil your dog and impress everyone with your clean, well maintained... not so salty pawed pup!

4 Salty Paws Unlimited Wash

Only have 1 dog? This is the plan for you!

  • 25% OFF  Salty Paw A La Cart
  • 10% OFF Salty Paw Retail

  • 5% OFF Kat's Dogs Grooms

  • First to know about special events, offers & classes!


Unlimited Salty Paw Family Wash

Have a salty pawed family? Whether its two to eight dogs, this is the plan for you!

  • 25% OFF  Salty Paw A La Cart
  • 10% OFF Salty Paw Retail

  • 5% OFF Kat's Dogs Grooms

  • First to know about special events, offers & classes!


VIP Salty Paw Unlimited Wash

BE VIP, Whether you have one dog or more, the value is endless!

  • A La Cart Menu at no additional charge
  • 15% OFF Salty Paw Retail

  • 10% OFF Kat's Dogs Grooms

  • First to know about special events, offers & classes!

  • Tub reservations

  • After hour tub reservations
  • First hour of our professional bath/deshed services free (limit 1 per month)


Can't bath yourself this time around? No problem, ask one of our wonderful staff to book your next apt for our professional bather/de-shed expert to do the work for you! 

The first hour is $35, every additional 1/2 hour is $10. If you are a VIP membership you get your first hour of service for free, (limit 1 per month) .

A La Cart Menu

Our Products

We feel you'll find what's important to our family, will be equally as important to you and your dog. Our favorite products are researched for being natural, environmentally safe, USA made OR local to support our community. 

Gounds & Hounds

Yes coffee! Unexpected? This unique company sells coffee to help support shelters closest to where it's purchased; purchasing here would mean Beaufort, SC.


CBD oils sourced here in South Carolina for any variety of ailments from anxiety to seizures.

West Paw

Made in the USA, sustainable, safe for pets and people and community minded. After your dogs done playing with it mail it back and they'll make more zogoflex toys out of it!

Our Story

Why The Salty Paw?

Harlie; Our inspiration for The Salty Paw. Our family started small, just a girl and her dog, Kat and Harlie. She loved the beach and I loved watching her run free. Our family grew and Harlie shared her bond with myself, "the hippie" black lab Charlie, "the jock" boxer Vinnie, my now husband Ryan and "the blond" Coton de Tulear Frankie; in that order. She left her salty paw prints in the sand then and they will forever be on our hearts here on out. The images in this video are a few of many cherished Lowcountry moments in the salty air, Downtown Beaufort and Port Royal. We lived a very simple, salty, happy life full of purpose and we want to share that purpose with with you!


Welcome to the salty paw.

Welcome to The Salty Paw Home of the DIY WOOF WASH; where your supplied with all the sophisticated tools of the groom world, expert advice on bathing techniques and none of the fuss or muss of clean up, rendering you and your dog the bond, without the headache.

VISIT the SALTY PAW SHOP because we know the secret, the secret that all dogs have a gift for softening a heart when the rest of the world seems to be trying to harden it. Come on, admit it, people who adopt dogs are most often the ones being adopted. We are all looking for acceptance or purpose and the bonding moments we share with our dogs are some of our most cherished memories, providing our hearts with exactly what we need. In the Lowcountry, these bonding moments so often happen in the salty air, along the Beaufort waterfront, Port Royal Sands or Hunting Island Beach. The SALTY PAW SHOP thinks of the human-dog bond and  we want to celebrate the simple things in life that make us happy! The Salty Paw is a tribute to all pet owners and their dogs, adopted or not, who know the importance of the human-dog bond. Bonding happens through training, play, food, pack walks and… wait for it… GROOMING! Think of all the trust built through the upkeep of your dogs healthy groom routine. When we contribute to their well-being, they contribute to ours! 


Get in Touch

The Salty Paw LLC.
14 Savannah HWY

Beaufort SC 29906

P: (843) 379 3999 / 929 8002

Ryan & Kat Harrell


Be free Harlie girl

You were an amazing best friend and helped teach me all the importance of life

May you always listen more than you speak

Act like you have a purpose

Appreciate a simple life

Give more than you receive

Be happy with what you have

Be a best friend